How do you motivate you?

“Perseverance, sticking with it, not quitting.  If you have to choose one word that will give you success with your physical fitness, this is it. It takes time to create something good. If you’ve been sedentary for a while, don’t expect a one month bash at the gym to get you into shape.”

Wow, not much has changed.  I wrote those words for the Xercise Files newspaper column in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer thirteen years ago!  As I look back, I can’t think of a more formidable barrier than motivation.  How to get going and how to keep going with a fitness program. It seems to be the Achilles heel that people continually deal with.  I often said if I could just find that switch, I’d package it up and sell it to the highest bidder.  I’d be filthy rich.

So here’s the question: What motivates you? Share your thoughts. Let’s inspire someone.


8 Comments on “How do you motivate you?”

  1. Tanya Garland says:

    What motivates me? My desire to continue to play, whether it is on the ski hill doing my best to keep up to the kids or throwing a frisby to the dog. A strong and supple body ensures that I continue to participate in life fully. Basically… when I fall, and we all do, I will get back up with less potential injury. Maybe, strength and flexibility will prevent the fall entirely.

    • XerciseFiles says:

      Yes, you’re right, we all fall. I learned that the body has an amazing capacity to heal. When we’re well, we should remember that we can ‘fall’ at any time. Live life to the fullest. H.

  2. Three things – my family, my friends/co-workers and for my health, (ok and one more thing… a pretty dress that I really want to wear)

    One thing that has really lifted me up out of the doldrums lately is hearing the success my friends/co-workers are having with their own personal training


  3. Marj Watt says:

    What motivates me? A brilliant day, and a friend to go skiing (Hallis was great today), or biking, or bootcamping, or golfing or even to fitness class and the certainty that I will feel great and healthy and virtuous and strong when I’m done (okay virtuous is a reach). Pretty simple when you think about it.

  4. Chris says:

    One of our greatest motivations was to witness the amazing strength of our friend Kelly Bennison as she battled cancer over so many years. She faced unimagineable challenges with grace and outward calm. When we were tackling 6 hour hills on our bikes we’d just think of her and the load would lighten instantly.

  5. Teresa says:

    waking up early and having my one cup of black coffee, made with freshly ground beans, while I enjoy the start of a new day.

    I have recently found motivation to become fit and heatlhy again, I have Heather Hartridge to thank for my new healthy outlook on life.

    Thank you

  6. Cheryl says:

    I am inspired by the GLOW! You know the one a person gets after doing one more rep, running one more minute, taking one more step, getting a higher mark on a test, making one more healthy choice, riding without training wheels, cooking your first holiday meal solo. The glow that comes when we appreciate and celebrate how amazing our body is.

  7. I am motivated by my family and friends, and the constant pursuit of happiness. When I am healthy I feel happy and that’s really what I’m after!!!

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