Barkerville Rush Relay 2011

So, are you one of the lucky runners taking part in this year’s BRR?  This year is the 8th annual running of this super-popular relay.  I know there’s lots of training going on…  a few injuries too.  Slow and easy wins the race if you’re just ramping up for the run.

Lend a Hand

Let’s hear from you.  If you’ve been in the relay before, what advice do you have for someone who hasn’t?  Training tips?  Bear stories?  Carbo-loading (or not)?  Coffee before the run?  What should you wear?

Oh, and just for fun, here’s a photo of Chris running in the Billy Barker Days Run sometime in the last century.  Whats with the pink shorts?

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3 Comments on “Barkerville Rush Relay 2011”

  1. Chicken Mama says:

    Wow….those pink shorts are hot. I think everyone on the Barkerville relay would enjoy to see them. I wonder if they are still around.

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