Over the Monashees

We’ve had some fantastic riding in the past few days. Climbing over the Monashees has to be one of the best cycle tour routes around. Beautiful ride along Arrow Lake to Nakusp. The Ospreys were with us most of the way. And today up out of Nakusp to Slocan Lake and New Denver. Some more climbing and a hot day for this type of riding. Finished off today with a Buddist Feast made with fresh local organic veggies and a cool swim in the lake. Here’s the view from the camp. Off to Winlaw, Castlegar and points west tomorrow.


One Comment on “Over the Monashees”

  1. Mike Bolli says:

    Wow your Lewiston, Idaho picture was fantastic and you;re now seeing it BC style – so proud of Marj for her committment to fitness – way to go Marj – hopefully hook up with you guys somewhere on your trip – heading for SunPeaks for a few days of going up and down mountains the easier way – chair up and ride the bike down and repeat haha!! Way to go Heather and Chris!! All de best from sunny And hot Penticton – Mike

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