Slocan Sunshine

Our rides continue to be safe and exhilarating. It’s a really great time.
We were really happy to say goodbye to the mosquitoes in Winlaw. A cool morning greeted us on Hwy. 6 in the shade of the Selkirks. When we arrived at Crescent Valley we turned west, crossed the Slocan River and headed to Krestova on the Pass Creek Road. As the hot afternoon sun took over we rode into the Columbia River Valley. The regional district campground on Pass Creek in Castlegar was our home for the night. We soon found out we had company coming! Teralee, a Fitness trainer and friend of Meg’s dropped by as did Barbara, a Facebook friend who went to school with Heather. It was a busy afternoon… We made time for a cool dip in the creek and some planning for our ascent of the Bonanza and Paulson summits on Monday.
Our plans involved getting up really early to beat the heat and to give ourselves plenty of time to climb the 45km. We also knew there was some road construction as well. We left the camp at 5:30 and were climbing the first hill after a quick stop at Tim’s. The greatly anticipated ride up to the summit went really well. Stopped at Nancy Green’s park for lunch and then hit the last 6km to the summit. This is where the construction was. The whole road was ripped up with only the old shoulder left to ride on. We stuck with it and had a pretty big smile on when we pulled over at the summit. Only thing left to do was ride the 30+ km down to Christina Lake. Wow. What a ride!
In Christina Lake it was 32 deg. Mmmm. Time for a swim in the Kettle River next to the campground at Cascade Cove.
It was a red letter day. Safe riding, incredible scenery and time for good conversation over dinner and a well-deserved cold beer.
Tomorrow’s a short day to Grand Forks in search of the best perogies… The journey continues.


2 Comments on “Slocan Sunshine”

  1. James says:

    Have followed with interest and anticipation! Greater detail, ala Rick $teeves, would be much appreciated! More frequent posts, albeit shorter comments on a daily basis would keep us vicarious bicycle turistas happy

    • XerciseFiles says:

      Thanks James, we appreciate your comments and we’ll do our best. Using an iPhone for a blog is great but dependent on cell service… Not always available in the ‘wilds’ of BC. Keep checking back. We’re having a lot of fun and there’s lots more to come!

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