South of the 49th

We’re back in BC now but the two night stay in Oroville WA was great. Lounging on the shores of Osoyoos Lake and shopping at Prince’s occupied most of our time. Princes grocery/clothing/millnery/sporting goods/hardware/wine+beer/deli store has been there for a long time. Hasn’t changed.
We rode back to Keremeos via the Loomis-Oroville road. Spectacular views of the sometimes lazy Similkameen River. Lots of mini powered sluice boxes along the way fueled by the current gold prices. Hot and sunny all the way.
We waited in the lineup at the Chopaka border crossing. The truck at the front of the line was having the once-over. When it was our turn the obligatory interrogation about cigarettes, alcohol, or bringing back firearms seemed absurd for obvious reasons. Welcome home!
Hot ride into Keremeos. The wind is blowing as usual. Set up assistance was provided by Alexander Keith.
Here’s a photo of the gals 1/2 way up the hill out of Rock Creek. Mist rising from the moisture left by the thunderstorms.


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