Closing the Loop

As I write this post we have one more full day of riding and one more campout ahead of us. It’s been an amazing journey full of laughs, personal and group challenges but mainly just a heck of a lot of fun.
We’re camped at Fintry tonight on Okanagan Lake. When we look south and try to envision the Lumby Loop as a really big circle on a map, it’s pretty empowering to know that every inch of it was attained by human power. Quite amazing – these bodies we live in. Feed them the right fuel and they will respond to the demands. Like climbing the Paulson Pass from Castlegar. 45 km up – all the way. Cool.
We’re so happy we found summer. We think everyone will agree, it’s been a lousy summer in BC. We’re grateful to have had three weeks of mostly sunshine during this tour.
We’ve had lots of very curious people ask about the route and where we’ve come from. Many people were amazed this could even be done. “One pedal at a time”. That’s how it’s done.
Come back for the last blog entry soon. We’ll have Marj working on the stats. for those of you into that. And, we’ll find one more story for you – from the white line.


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