Our first tour…

It seems like such a long time ago.  On June 1st 2005 we set off on our first major, more-than-a-few-days tour.  Looking back, it was our initiation into a worldwide band of explorers bent on boldy going where they have not been – by human power – however short the distance.  Since then, we’ve come to understand that the “first tour” has its own special place in one’s relationship with cycle touring.  With every tour, the initial feelings of excitement and anticipation eventually give way to an informed awareness of what might be expected.  That is, the continual stimulation of our senses and a joy of feeling it’s all new.  There’s a big world out there with countless roads to travel… every day is an adventure.

Here’s a link to check out.  It’s our 54 page Crazyguyonabike journal of our fist tour – Quesnel – Thompson River Valley, Okanagan, Boundary Country, Central Washington over to the west coast and back into BC.  Following Ken Keifer’s suggestion, we left from our doorstep.


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