Where the rubber hits the road

We’re counting the days now…

The weather has turned (for the better), we’ve made arrangements with our house sitters/Grandpa aides (MANY thanks to Dustin & Karla, Megan and Angie for being here when we’re away! And thanks to Dorian for taking care of things in Kelowna when Meg is up here.)

Our work on the bikes is almost done. This week we’ve focused on one of the most important parts of our trusty steeds – their wheels. Balancing for wheels is a lot like going to the massage therapist. If we’re out a bit, we go to see Kate or one of our other VERY talented practitioners and get a tune up. Wheels are really no different. It’s a great feeling starting out on a tour knowing things are “in balance”. Taking care of the bike is necessary but it’s not what the trip is about and shouldn’t distract from the real reason we’re out there.

Like the Adventure Cycling Association says, we’re doing this for “Fun, Fitness and Self-discovery. Can’t wait…

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