So, where are you going?

When we first started touring, (are you reminiscing AGAIN?) Ken Kifer’s bike pages were a source of great inspiration.  (apologies for spelling his name incorrectly in a previous post).  If you’re thinking of getting into touring or even if you’re looking for another perpsective on it, I’d highly recommend a visit to Ken Kifer’s Bike Pages.  Well worth the visit. 

We’ve come to realize every day on a cycle tour is an adventure.  Ken was a great proponent of starting a tour from his doorstep.  Touring in your own “backyard” can be as fullfilling as some far away exotic destination.  Of course, as your backyard becomes larger and larger, things can, and will change.  Climate, bugs, animals – both 4 legged and 2 legged, (no legged!) food, water availablity and quality, etc…  the list is long.  Our backyard has been growing since we started touring.  The Pacific Northwest and Western Canada offer some of the most mind-blowing cycle touring anywhere.  We’re still working through the list.  This year, we’re combining a few byways that we haven’t seen and some places that one really needs to add to the roster of completed tours.

We’re not starting from our doorstep this year as our old friend, time, is still dictating the schedule.  We’re fortunate to have a lovely daughter that will be our shuttle bus driver to the start (and end) of the tour.  Our route looks like this:

Trailhead – Armstrong, BC… Then – Revelstoke, Golden, Fairmont Hot Springs, Fernie, Waterton National Park AB, Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park Montana, Whitefish MT, St. Regis MT, Wallace Idaho, Harrison ID, Cheney (near Spokane Washington), Wilbur WA, Grand Coulee WA, Bridgeport WA, Okanogan WA, Tonasket WA and over the border back into The Okanagan Valley and Oliver.

Looks like it’s around 2000 km or so, but for us it’s not the distance, it’s the hours in the saddle; the fun and exitement of everything new around every corner; the fitness that cycling for 40+ days can bring and the time to reflect.  Oh ya, you can do a lot of talking to yourself along the way…  Meditation on wheels.

2 Comments on “So, where are you going?”

  1. Simon Turner says:

    My…that’s quite the tour! Can’t wait to read the stories and see the pictures along the way….
    – Simon T

  2. Sounds wonderful be safe and have a wonderful time, See you in September for Laughter Club 🙂

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