And where are you staying?

For over 4 years, we’ve been members of The Warm Showers Community – a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and in return, they can stay at other Warmshowers hosts when they’re touring. 

We’ve met some amazing people and their families.  Generosity is rampant and sometimes the accomodations are frankly quite opulent for hobos on bikes.  For example, in 2009, we stayed with a lovely family in Poulsbo WA.  They had recently moved from Florida to Washington and instead of driving or flying they made the move on their 3-person bike.  Mum and Dad and their six year old daughter.  Wow, what a story.  They met us in the driveway of their lovely Craftsman syle home and showed us to our OWN bedroom with its OWN bathroom.  Feather pillows, special soaps – more than we imagined.  After a shower we joined the family on the patio for a beautiful dinner.  Grilled Salmon, garden-fresh salad, the best darn buns from an incredible bakery and a chilled Chardonnay to wash it all down.  We still talk about it.

We have also had the great fortune to offer our humble digs to others.  Quite often, the visiting cyclists are heading south and I mean south. Prudhoe Bay Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Argentina… oh ya!  One of our most interesting couples were Amaya and Eric who have a quest to visit every country on the planet.  They are warm and wonderful people who inspired us to keep cycling (not that we’re going to stop) and visit the big world out there from a bike.  Check out their blog: worldBiking.  Just this summer we had two fun Kiwis – Steve and Glenn who cycled from Vancouver to Quesnel and were off to do their own Rocky Mountain Tour.

We wish to thank … ahead of time… the seven Warmshowers hosts both in Canada and the US who have agreed to put up with us.  When we’re not staying with them, we’ll be camping wherever we can – either just ‘in the woods’ or at actual campgrounds.  It depends how desperate we are for a hot shower.  We’re self contained and can set up a shower wherever we have water so we’ll see what the Road Gods have for us.

Here’s a great photo from a stay at another Warmshowers host in Washington: 

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