Turn Turn Turn

As the Silver Tsunami crests, people in this time zone clearly have some things in common.  Health is a huge topic.  Healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, exercise programs, mind-body-spirit, yoga, with almost everyone trying to live healthier, happier lives.  As well, the question comes up regularly – what IS retirement?  What are we saving up FOR?  Years ago, I was inspired by the writings of Ernie Zelinski.  Author of “The Joy of Not Working” and “How to Retire, Happy Wild and Free”.  Ernie suggests life begins at retirement… His books are worth the read if you’re of the age or you’re wondering about the never-never land after ‘retirement’.  Have a look:  http://www.thejoyofnotworking.com/  Cycling fits in there.

Another thing we Boomers have in common is aging parents.  We love them dearly but sometimes their lives take a turn we may not have predicted and it affect us directly.   It’s life.  It’s tough to be on top of EVERYTHING.  To everything… Turn, Turn, Turn, there is a season…  One of these turns just happened to us.  Thursday morning I was riding to our Studio the long way round when my cellphone rang.   Heather’s Dad Bruce, who lives next door to us, was on the phone asking me to call an ambulance to come pick him up at home.  Fast forward three days later and Bruce is OK, but when he had chest pains it gave us all a scare.  After all, he’s 91 and things can happen.  The outcome of all this is… we’ve made the decision to cut our Rocky Mountain Way Tour short.  We’re so lucky to be able to go at all.  Our son Dustin and daughter Megan are taking turns minding the ‘home front’ and will be spending time with their Grandpa making sure he’s OK.  He’ll need people nearby for some time.

So, that’s why the tour is re-named “Beautiful Plan B”.  Never mind retirement, make each day count… now.  We’re happy to have the health and motivation to keep cycling and plan to enjoy every minute of it.  The revised tour takes us to the place where we have always found our kind of summer.  As the Columbia River backs up behind the Grand Coulee Dam, the resulting Lake Roosevelt is a reservoir of shared water.  The photo below is a sunset over the damn dam.  We’re happy to share the river as long as we can swim in it too.  The other place we’re going is one that was recommended by a dear friend, Charles Froese.  Years ago, he was adamant that we should cycle to Stehekin on Lake Chelan, WA.  Technically, you can’t cycle to Stehekin, but you can take your bikes on the ferry.  We followed his advice and we were taken by the beauty and fascinating history of the area.  And yes, hot summer weather is the norm in Chelan.  We’re going there again.  Thanks Charles.

Thanks to Helene in Oliver, we have a new trailhead and we’re still planning to be on the road Monday July 23rd. South of Oliver, Tonasket WA Tourist Centre is now a Warmshowers host.  Real showers and everything.  That’s great!  Last time we were in Tonasket we camped on the lawn next to the restaurant at the crossroads.   From there it’s east up over the Wauconda Pass on Route 20.  We’ll keep you posted as we move along…

2 Comments on “Turn Turn Turn”

  1. Reese says:

    What a beautiful picture. Your plan B sounds super wonderful, enjoy. Chris and Heather you inspire me, safe travels, hugs

  2. marj says:

    At least you’re on your bikes! Gorgeous picture.

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