Burrito Heaven

We had a great and cool start our ride today. Showers in Oliver and Osoyoos and even a bit of rain as we crossed the border. We have many memories of this area and they all have something to do with sunshine and HEAT. This was refreshing.

Didn’t take Heather long to find the Taco Truck Helene talked about. Mmmm – REALLY GOOD Burrito! OK so it’s started. The eating thing. It IS one of the reasons we cycle. Along the way to Tonasket, there’s a distinct Latin-Am aura. Pickers in the orchards had Latin music blaring and it gave us a little bounce in the saddle. We stopped at a roadside store and couldn’t help noticing the Britney Spears pinata that hadn’t been beaten up yet. In fact it looked as though it had been there since the previous century.
Top marks to the Tonasket Visitor Centre. Nice people. They are a Warmshowers host and are really set up for cyclists. WiFi, washrooms, grassy spot to pitch the tent and right next door to another Taco truck. Mmmmm.
Over the Wauconda Pass to Republic tomorrow. It’ all good.






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