Trees That go Snap

Trees That go Snap

Our ride from Republic to Keller Ferry took State Hwy 21 south to Lake Roosevelt. We weren’t on the route 10 minutes and we saw the first major sign of the devastation caused by last friday’s storm. LOTS of trees and powerlines down.

Apart from the occasional delay ofr road crews, the ride was fantastic. One of those rare 50 mile, mostly down hill grade,, sunshine-filled days. The devastation however, increased. Keller is a small town in the Colville Nation. It was declared a disaster zone. 4 days later, still no power and many homes destroyed.

We stopped at the store which was one of the first places to have power and stocked up wth water and food for another day.

The ferry ride was a hoot – felt pretty good to be near the water. (Temp. 96 F) Keller ferry campground gets high marks except for the fully-blown race boats on the lake. Boys and toys….





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