Daybreak Over Dry Falls

Up at 4:00am as we know we have a long hot ride ahead of us. Out of Coulee City the road rises up to the wheat field plateaus. On the way we had a birds eye view of the Dry Falls created by the Missoula floods. 2 1f/2 hours later we leveled out in the middle of the wheat harvest. We arrived in Farmer at break time. Not far north of Farmer we stopped at the Farmer cemetary. Ironically but aptly named place. All through this region signs of the decline of the family farm are evident. Old beautiful homesteads left abandoned in the middle of massive wheat fields. GMO wheatfields! We rolled on through another deserted town called Winthrow and stopped for lunch at the Catholic church. The only shade in town.
From there on we continued to climb up what we would later discover to be a pass. At the top we had a view of the Columbia river below with Lake Chelan in the distance. We missed the amusement parks rides in Quesnel this year but you needs them when you have a 12% grade basically pointing straight down for 5 miles! Yahoo! The temperature increased as we flew down the hill. At the bottom there is another wicked hill up the Lake Chelan. By 2:15 we pulled into a rather high end summer playground……beautiful people, powerboats etc. Ya get the picture.
This morning we’re sitting at Starbucks waiting for the slow boat to Stehekin. We’ll post when we’re back!






One Comment on “Daybreak Over Dry Falls”

  1. jean seymour says:

    Following you on the map while I sit here at Quilchena on The Lake. Here for a week golfing every day. The guys golf twice a day. We are also eating, drinking and eating!!!!! I got a new bike so anxious to get home to it. Just wish I was doing a trip like you two! Also following Kate

    Have fun

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