The Way Through

Stehekin is a very cool place. Charles was right. Everything in the valley runs at a slow pace. Even slower than “Cariboo time”. Buckner Orchard, Rainbow Falls, Harlequin Bridge and Purple Point all become known places to stop and enjoy the moment. The other very important place is “The Garden”. Carl, who has been in the valley since 1972. Along the way he has done lots of things and now he’s found his way as really wonderful organic gardener. We left Carl’s place with a really big bag of fresh veggies. We thought of our farming friends when we left his place.

Our days in the Stehekin Valley were filled with relaxation and reflection. We also had a great time swimming in the icy cold water and taking short trips on the bikes. The store didn’t have much of anything but it did have 5 kinds of cold beer. All the essentials.

We were sad to leave as it also marks the start of our return trip to the north. We still have 3 days to go and lots can happen in 3 days but we’d love to just keep going.

As we were getting ready to load on the ferry we met a couple of bikers from Seattle who were trying out a new setup for touring on rough roads. Christian and Janice had taken a lot of time to put the bikes and the gear together for their trip. They weren’t really going off-road, just out to the end of the gravel. It looked as though they were ready to cross Australia.

To all our friends who are great with canoes and kayaks, you’ll be pleased to know we also jumped ‘out of our box’ and took a short kayak trip to the other side of the lake from our campground. We were going to see some ancient pictographs on a rock face rising out of the lake. Unfortunately, well into the journey the wind reached what seemed to be near gale force, resulting in waves that also seemed to be unfairly huge. To top it off, the two-man Ship of Fools we rented would be far better off as cute garden planter in front of the office where we picked it up. I decided this when the water started to roll in over the side unannounced and uninvited. Ready to yell “man overboard!” at a moment’s notice, we balanced the Good Ship Lollipop around the edge of the Lake and were rewarded with a brief but albeit rewarding glimpse of a group of unsuspecting sheep being pushed off a cliff over 1500 years ago. “Did ya see it?” “Yes?” … “Good.” Pointing the bow of our plastic bucket into the wind, we safely navigated back to port, oh so ready to jump on our bicycles.

North through the Okanogan orchards tomorrow. We’ll get another early start as it’s supposed to be hot again.






One Comment on “The Way Through”

  1. brenda says:

    I hope you both ate lots of little blackberry pies at the Stehekin bakery. When I passed through there on the PCT, I re-stocked all of my lunches and breakfasts for the next 3 days at the bakery. What a great spot to hang out!

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