Live It!

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. It can fuel a thousand dreams and create the ripples that make our lives rich and full. We’ve been inspired by many people but none so greatly as our dear friend Kelly Bennison. For almost 20 years, her battle with cancer was courageous and seemingly never ending. Sometimes when we were being tested riding a long hill with our loaded bikes, we’d think about Kelly and the determination she showed facing her own challenges. Ours paled in comparison. We will always remember her love of life and of those around her. For her, love was one the greatest therapies she could bring to bear. For many years it worked and we thank her for demonstrating and teaching us the true power of love and positive thought. We dedicate this ride to Kelly. She would have loved Sanoviv and we can only dream what might have been if she had been able to go there.


The Ride for True Health is our way to focus support on the USANA True Health Foundation’s Sanoviv Medical Assistance Program. We will be sustained on the long hills ahead thinking of those people that will be able to visit Sanoviv as a result of your contributions in the name of this ride. In advance, we thank you.

We’re writing this entry from Kelowna, BC where our quadriceps are enjoying a couple of days rest at our daughter Megan’s house. The first three days of the ride were WET but warm. We’re taking the time here to re-stock, oil up the bikes again, check tire pressures and dry a few things out. We’ll soon head south on BC Hwy 33 on our way to cross the border at Christina Lake. It looks as though the weather is about to change to real summer – including a forecast of 44 deg. C in Colville WA when we’re there. (That’s 111 deg. F.!) Never mind, it’s all part of cycle touring and we’re prepared for it.

Don’t forget to visit our “Route” page. When technology permits, you can follow us almost day-to-day by clicking on the link below “Track Our Ride”

Thanks for supporting us and the USANA True Health Foundation as we Live It!




One Comment on “Live It!”

  1. Thank you both for taking the time to keep us all informed about your journey. The weather certainly looks better in the coming weeks.

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