Hi, we’re Chris and Heather, two regular people who love to tour on bicycles.  When our kids were young we used to drag a tent trailer all over North America, but at this stage of our lives, we both share the love of holidaying on bikes.  The longer the tour the better.

We began seriously touring in 2005 and have made larger and larger circle tours in the Pacific Northwest.  Our first ‘big’ tour took us from our doorstep in Quesnel, BC down to Washington State and back up through the Gulf Islands off Victoria, BC.  We were hooked.  We fell in love with the whole thing.  The act of touring on a bicycle s-l-o-w-s …. one down.  You can’t get anywhere in a hurry compared to an automobile so just chill and take it all in.

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We’ve seen some amazing stuff from the saddle.  Things we’re sure to have missed from a car seat.  Lots of wildlife, weather patterns, waterways and incredible vistas that unfold in front of you… slowly, and of course, all that stuff in the ditch and on the shoulder.  A moving and changing mosaic of our society.  Most importantly, we’ve met some wonderful (and not so wonderful people)  Touring on a bicycle gives you the time to stop and say hi to people you meet.  You can get to know a bit about the lives they live and the things we may have in common.  When folks see our fully loaded bikes questions inevitably arise.  We’re happy to oblige.

This year we both turn 60 and our goal is to keep cycling and expanding the touring circle.  New provinces, states, and countries across the oceans in the near future.  It’s a big world out there and we intend to see a bunch of it from our bikes.

If you’d like to read more about how we got started, have a look at our Crazyguyonabike blog.  Some of it might need updating but there are some cool photos there and interesting reflections on cycle touring.



One Comment on “About”

  1. Heather & Chris,
    It was a true pleasure to meet and talk with you this morning in GTNP. I look forward to reading and following your blog and seeing your impressions of the route from Alpine to SLC. We rode that section two years ago on our way to Chicago via Moab. Enjoy your stay in Jackson and should you ever make over the Tetons to Victor, ID – look us up.

    Safe Travels,

    (Volunteer in GTNP)

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