Donate to the USANA True Health Foundation

USANA True Health F#14389E3

The USANA True Health Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that helps people in need, anywhere in the world. The mission of the USANA True Health Foundation is to provide the most critical human necessities—nutrition, clothing, shelter, medical assistance, and health education—to those who are suffering or in need.

The Foundation has three main program support areas and we’ve chosen to channel our assistance to the Sanoviv Medical Assistance Program. Having been to Sanoviv, we can honestly say it is an amazing place. The Sanoviv Medical Institute is a state of the art facility that offers alternative, holistic and integrative health programs to treat a wide range of diseases. We were there in 2011 for a “Healthy Getaway” and we came away with a true understanding of the scope and depth of expertise available at this wonderful retreat. The Sanoviv Medical Assistance Program is “Holistic Wellness Exemplified”. This fund allows for those who would not be able to afford Sanoviv’s services to experience care and healing in this special environment.

The USANA True Health Foundation officially began operations in 2012. Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA’s founder, and USANA CEO Dave Wentz, created the Foundation to enable the USANA Health Sciences family to expand and enhance their on-going charitable efforts. You can visit their website for more informantion. And of course we hope you’ll take the time to offer a donation through the website under the “Take Action” link.


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